What companies don't understand about social media /vent

There is NO lag. People want their questions answered with a quickness, because if they didn't, they would wait until Monday at 9am and email like a person without a need for an immediate response. They would call during "normal business hours" and talk then. They wouldn't Facebook message twice in a few hours! » 6/22/14 3:52pm 6/22/14 3:52pm

Penny Dreadful... Check out #4, GT

I like this show's wonderful weirdness and am blown away by its sets, but the latest episode was the tipping point for me into true fandom. Dorian Gray is an obvious bisexual character, but to have mysterious American cowboy (played by Josh Hartnett) basically go on a late night date with him followed by steamy,… » 6/04/14 2:06pm 6/04/14 2:06pm